List of People who sent in clips:

Season 1Edit

Joseph and Sharon Lennondino

Richard and Susan Castlebury

Jim and Sue Sweet

Chris Vanblurkem

Lorraine Pozack

Helen and Bill Walker

Jeff Asarnos

Mary and Frank Ochel

Sam and Dotty Hoolohan

Carole and George Wiener

Tom Dovin

Dan Berg

Tom Trippletti

Blake Finch

Arnold Wilikinson

Pete and Betty Shack

Gene and Christie Anderson

Jim Mask

Teresa and Paul Avila

Michelle and Gary Logan

Rita and Ken James

Terry Brewer

Jeff and Jan Smith

Pat Lanahan

Mike Ritter

Locester Jones

Len And Emily Fenamor

Charles and Bobby Enacrombe

Jeff Rickert

Tony and Glenda Darty

Barbra Hardinson

Dwayne Erikson

Robert and Candy Schwan

Don and Cindy Hawkenjaws

William and Hillary Woodier

Fran And John Evankovich

Jimmy and Debbie Mcnolty

Ben Phillipcheck

Mark Mayson

Robin Martin

Alex Gordon

Kathy Grossinger

Roland and Francine Turnbolt

Ed Hubert Jr

Chris Stemple

Season 2Edit

John Icrest

Dawn and John Doubts

Dennis Miller and Jason Cardwell

Jake and Joan Brown

Kim Evans and Janet Knuckles

Ron and Maxine Latucky

Don Kernottle Jr

Ruth and Jigalaya Jackson

Kathy and Joe Morgan

Gene and Diana Mezbit and sons Greg, Gordon and Brant

Phillis Olson

Jerry Lamos

Dave and Barbra Han

Harriet Soso and her son Marco

Gail Cox

The Ferris Family

Dave and Sherry Boardwick

Sherry and Shawn Whyatt and their cat Sally

Robert and Jesse Wesley

David and Sue Costics and Daughter Nina and Brianne

Karen and Arnold Grimant and twin sons Harry and Barry

Kevin Dechico and Sonya Gatsby

The Seedplick Family

Jim and Andrea Roberts

Roy Wheatley and Dennis Thrillins

Barbra Godfrey

Susan and Merrick Potat

Michael and Colette Shelter

Laurie and Rodger Meeks

Sophie and Matthew Ziemba

The Pearson Family

The Cormear Family

Thomas and Nancy Potter

Masha and Harold Keane

Linda and Walter Lucazic

David Brockman

The Garca

The Jones Family

Eric Molstead

The Rabbit Family

Doug and Julie Deloretto

The Berklynn 

Rick Bitinger

The Shoals Family

The Moberly Family

Steve Roy and Tony Chapman

James and Sue Walker

Les and Mary Suekelly 

Gary and Jan Depasquier

Luther and Karen Bullington

Bruce and Carol Carey and Steve Labelle

Bill and Marilyn Huff

Jay and Meagen Demarris

Wayne and Linda Vincent

The Mun Family

Jim and Sheila Bryant

Rick Kettle

Lee and Brenda Ellis

Terri and Bill Gleckler

Tom Batchler

Season 3Edit

Laura Sharp and Beverly Lake

Connie and James Doyle

Gaila and Phil Arving

Carol and John Arlington

Ken Whistler

Steven and Cindy Orth

Eden and David Rosen

Mark Pravoe and Robert Laveck

Lynn and Chris Allen

John and Camille Merring

Lawerence and Francis Mclean

Bruce and Sandy Pastor

Ronald Lamauna 

Edward and Lorrie Scarf

Russel Chet

Tim Wright

Leo and Mary-Jo Geoffrey

Harold and Cozette Gray

Andrea Goodman and Robert Ware

Christie and Dan Mclauren 

Bob and Beverly Howder

Wayne and Donna Gordon

John and Sandra Wheelis

Joe and Jo Schmit 

Harold and Patricia Han

Dusty and Shelly Pierpoint

Amy and David Criven

Paul Cacavalens 

Judy Rinker

Jim And Taylor Carbonetti

Ron and Irene Wilkie

Robert and Teresa Embendola

Dwayne and Debbie Bobbitt 

Russell and Allison Hamilton

Todd and Cheryl Stein

Debra and Frank Martin

Wolfgang and Loreen Ruckner

William and Donna Gracie

Dwanye and Teresa Culpepper

Tracy Bullick

Rhonda and Joel Tomlin

Steve and Cherry Lap

Georgette Cull and Wayne Surn 

Kathy and Ferril Collins

Donna and Michael Pulliafico 

Bob and Viola Freeman

Bill and Lillian Reimer

Tex and Margie Foreman

Cecil and Joyce Shollwalter

John Gian and Tom Reisics

Charles and Diane Quanette and Jo Thompson

Season 4Edit

Gary and Marino Lawrenceson 

Rich and Linda Gabonelli

Sharon and Allan Shavalier

The Sombrano Family

Rosemary Bullick and Bob Winston

Vincent Fernadez

Coach John Loose and Dan Diptula

Steven and Debbie Lawerence

Laurna Woodburr

Ed and Donna Scnelly

Jim and Nancy Scneider

The North Area Volenteer Ambulance Corp

Patricia and Charles Dougrety 

Bill and Patty Eudaniwak

Sharon and Russ Levine

Donna and Ted Ancher Jr

Bryan and Gail Loveless

Terese and George Hay Jr

The Arthur Family

The Hallmego 

Jeff Hance and Rich Bobberossi and Bob Ray

The Owens Family

The Shannon Family

Scott Miller and Steve Grove

The Jennigus Family

Tammy and Charles Caucho

The Noll Family

The Queen Family

Donald and Nancy Weitz

David Birstin and B Dricks

Laurie Hans and The Morrlin Family

Ritchard Roarba and Anne Pardo

Jt and Hope Tropper

Season 5Edit

Henry Ageire

The Murray Family

The Isabelle Family

Season 6Edit

The Rigging and The Taylor Family

The Duboys Family

The Wick Family

The Lloyd Family

The Chisem Family

The Dufelt Family

The Wingerert Family

The Dingus Family

The O'Reilly Family

The Davies Family

The Saunders Family

Janet Kehoe

Season 7Edit

The Gimfold Family

The Kabibi Family

The Chester Family

The Stroubs Family

The Orange Family

The Mazmanian

The Ross Family

The Cadwell Family

The Leihi Family

The Jelous Family

The Hartman Family

The Doreinbo Family

The Belcher Family

The Zelter Family

The Ricks Family

The Dunnigan Family

The Ramsay Family

The Wickins Family

Season 8Edit

The Hudson Family

The Hickton Family

The Gates Family

The Carletti Family

The Hickman Family

The Brightville Family

The Cougarly Family

The Eskine Family

The Stirfee Family

Season 9Edit

Mark Nanine and Jefferson Norman

Kevin and Kelly Thompson

Francine Lottier and Roseanne Deaver

The Teason Family

Doug Stalts

David Hartwick

The Jordan Family

Jane Wagner

Nicolas Cockus

Terri Han

Chuck Stewart

The Hulper Family

Matty Tomb

Robert Wolfman

Mary Bradford

Season 10Edit

The Krebs Family

William Rythmes

Bradley Kidwell and Guy Zonachio

Victoriel Zinderkampft, Kaye Sheppood & Beverly Kelly

Bryan and Laurie Cullens

Mike and Sharon Ingle

Al Fuentez, Michael Garcia, Russell Pie and Fred Ross

Greg, Janet and Austin Vannel

Cynthia Clawford and Shane Hendy

Mike and Rachel Roberts

Martha Jackson and Christian Thin

John Keith and Eric Feretra

Lucia Hughes and Bruce Henner

Season 11Edit

Christopher and Denise Wells

Pam Resick

Stephanie Owens

Larry Bivens

Jerry Debautista

Holly and Shannon Elliot

Lynn and Linda Wade

Bo Fletcher

Sherwood Hasty

Matt and Kenny Coaker

Anne and Craig Null

Marsha and Mark Wroening

Cash Beachum

David Como

Joanne and Bruce Hanson

Debbie Whitaker

Jeff Dunono

Syd and Ed Fleming

Elisha Barber

Melanie and Glynn Davies

Steven Grubbs

Todd and Sharon Swan

David Ian Hamilton

Laura and Joe McGuiness

James Yates

Art Speagle

Stephan and Margie Norman

Theresa and Zack Casey

Steve and Alice Mesias

Jim and John Murphy

Chris Larson

Bill Willis

Stephanie and Todd Neubullman

Anita and Brad Sweet

Zach Paisley

Stephan and Michelle Mar

Nikki Billy

Yoon Young and Chan Huff

Valerie Bittman

Beth and Shawn Harris

Season 12Edit

Angela Woodhall and Ivan Toodhawk

Kathrine Curtis

Ashley Morano

Season 13Edit

Darla Hansen

Jennifer Smith

Jim and Ross Fellinger 

Season 14Edit

The Coyle Family

Charlie Van Deen

The Atcot Family

Season 15Edit

Rick Ryder

Franklin Bliss

Randy Rodd

Lendon Wettings

Heidi and Karen Corper

John Shirley

Season 16Edit

Season 17Edit

Season 18Edit

Season 19Edit

The Booth Family

Don Hoffenger

Tom Daniels

The Glubenhallen Family

Joe and Chris Rook

The Ramsey Family

E. Hope

The Doanny Family

Chris and Christie Wells

Season 20Edit

Season 21Edit

Season 22Edit

Season 23Edit

Season 24Edit

Season 25Edit

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Season 27Edit

Season 28Edit

Season 29Edit