These are the places winners and nominees are from

States Missing

, Rhode Island,  North Dakota

New Hampshire and Hawaii have had clips. Winners are TBD


Calysys- Catfish Hunter

Harvard- Golfer Hit's Hubby In The Head

Muscle Shoals- Toilet Guitar 

Phoenix City- Girl Who Can't Somersault

Phoenix City- Smiley Dog


St. Paul- Funnel Kids


Flagstaff- Frozen Ice Cream Lick

Gilbert- Back Swing Bowler

Mace- Baby Bowler Get's Strike

Phoenix- Tractor Interuptus

Queenfreak- Peddle Pusher

Thatcher- Platware Folly

Uma- Kitty Dunker


Graidy- Let Them Burn Cake

British ColumbiaEdit

Burnaby- Crossed Eyed Tubber

Richmond- Boy Scares Sister

Richmond- Strike While The Iron Is Hot

Seminar- Old Macdonald Horse 

Surrey- The Scream Team

Unknown- Bear Fish Thief

Vancouver- Sharkfin Freakout

Vernon- Hand In Pot


Callaway- Little Miss Banshee

Centercreek- Inner Tube Butterball

Corning- See Spot Growl

Fair Oaks- Dog Who Says Mama

Glendale- Kid Who Takes A Toupee

Glendale- The Boss's Kid

Greensville- Cocky Raccoon 

Laverne- Powder Face Baby

Livermore- Falala Baby

Montrose- The Amazing Colossal Baby

Newark- Doggy Go-round

North Hollywood- Traveling Trash Cans

Oakland- Dad Get's Hit By A Glider

Olsen- Dogs Interrupt Christmas Song

Pasadena- Escape Romeo

Pleasently- Funeral For A Fin

Portwine- Howling Bassets

Rockland- Word's Worst Haircut

Redondo Beach- 1 Stick, Four Dogs

San Diego- Muscle Beach Baby

Santa Ana- Lady Who Falls For A Loop

Santa Clarita- Rhino Lift

Temecula- Pinata Pirate

Torrance- Howdy Doodie

Thousand Oaks- I Can See Clearly Now

Walnut Creek- The Sirens Broken

Watsonville- Dog Human 1v1


Brekke- Bulldog Day Afternoon


Ansonia- Terms Of Engagement

New London- Football High Five

Stratford- Kid Sprays Mom

Tallin- Little Girl Blows Big Bubble


Claymont- Big Dog Pool Rescue


Clearwater- Dog Violin Critic

Hargate- Noisemaker Father and Son

Knightsville- The Crying Game

Gainsville- Wedgie Woman

Miami- Dracula Scream

Miami- Raccoon PSA

Naples- Not A Pinata

North Port- Military Hat Salute

Orlando- Swingers

Port Harbour- Messiah On A Wi-Yah

Port Harbour- Rat On Mom

Stuart- Flush With Sucess

Tamba Bay- Down In The Bayou

Unknown- Silent Night Slap

Winter Haven- Military Wedding Proposal


Alpharetta- Driving Hamsters

Atlanta- Skateboard Of Education

Blueridge- Wrong Way Runner

Cattaway- Treadmill Spill

Douglassville- Granpa and His Dog

Florna- Bidday Accident

Riverdale- Butt Baby With Towel

Roswell- Airport Wedding Proposal

Sebastian- Chimpanzee Party Animal

Unioncity- Oh Glory!


Balsa- Little Swashbuckler

Hayden Lake- Preening Teen

St Anthony- Golfer Who Takes A Tumble


Chicago- Grumble Cat

Chicago- Loud Singer Brawl

Chicago- Monkey Strips Car Molding

Chicago- Tiny Dancer

East Moline- Bride Who Has To Go

Glendale Heights- Troubled Dog Over Water

Glenview- Yo-yo Bookshelf Boy

Harvard- Vacuum Joy Ride

Hinsdale- Fireman's Cooking Class

Heaperstown- Bushy Tail Break-in

Lachambre- Treat Pooching Pug

Lamount- Trouser Toy

Normville- The Screen Door Dog

Royaltown- The Amazing Flat Cat

Sock Village- Backyard Dancers

Vermont City- Ski Dock Jerk

Westchester- I Love My Sister

Willmette- Ring Bearer Of Bad News

Woodriver- Refridgerator Surprise Boy

Woodstock- Stuck Bowling Ball Net Strike


Burlington- Daddy's Weak House

Carlville- Golf Pro Junior

Clinton- Public Speaker Fall Down

Davenport- Cat Falls From TV

Leon- Dog Guard Christmas Presents


Greensfield- Curving Pool Shot

Greenwood- Safety Seat Silly

Indianapolis- Your Zippers Down

Nappanee- Basketball Pratfall

Owensville- The Christmas Bra

Portway- Etc 94 Slide and Fall

Spencerville- Branch Fall Bonehead


Wichita- 3 On The Floor


Louisville- Eye On Ball

Louisville- Grandma Realizes Pregnancy


Arcadia- Girl Borrows Easter Egg

Galliano- 3 Dollar Present

Medery- The Fainting Bride Groom

Smiley South- Sonic Youth

Sulfur- Boy Who Counts Higher

Whitecastle- Man Trains Hawk


Brunswick- Biker Dog

Brunswick- That Doesn't Hurt

Orrington- Two Cat Share One Bowl


Chetty Chase- Man Who Sings National Anthem

Fluxberg- Drummer Bride

Germantown- Hoop Dreams

Laurel- Musical Karate

Newmarket- Hysterical Dirt Bike Kid


Auburn- Kids Saw Santa

Chelmsford- The Above Ground Pool

Dracut- Groom Takes A Awful Wife

Gardner- Girl Afraid Of Santa

Hayborough- Wet Wedding

Lemonster- Beach Scenery

Maddowborrow- Cat Attacks Bag

Nashborugh- Grey Lady Town

Quinsy- Four Alarm Sleeper

Riviera- Canned Laughter

West Rocksbury- Professer Gravity

Yorkdale- I Saw Santa


Ann Arbor- Little Liar

Ann Arbor- Super Scooper

Armada- 3 Dalmations

Cedar Lake- Mixed Blessings

East Lancing- Bride and Groom Blowout 

Greensfield- Smarty Pants Dance

Lancing-Here Kitty Kitty

Lyle- Clumsy Runner

Palmyra- Pail Face

Rochester Hills- Presidential Baby

Munising- Baby vs Burglar 


Eden Prairie- Upside Down Costume Man

St. Paul- Surprise Rat

Wallpasso- Sprucing Up Girl


Albany- Dog Protects Wife

Independence- Bug In Pants

Kimberline City- Monkey Mouth Steal

Leedsburg- The Sting

Lee's Summit- Holy Smokes

Richmond- Skydiving Lawn Chair

St. Louis- The What Is It Gift


Morehead- Raccoon Sleeper

Poppsville- Tv Wedding Proposal


Crowe Agency- Rodeo Bronco Buster


Aims- Candle Spit-out

Lincoln- Seventh Inning Soak

New JerseyEdit

Elmore- Flying Lawnmower

Hackensack- Bride and The Bee

Lake Alcyon- School Bus Splash

Little Ferry- Pelican Can't Swallow Fish

Millville- Home From The Office

New Brunswick- Lincoln's Bad Day

New Brunswick- Nun Strikes Out

Verona- Rodent Roundup

New MexicoEdit

Mountain Air- Emu's Dance

New YorkEdit

Albany- Weightlifter Loses Pants

Astoria- Fainting Usher

Bronx- Obey

Casanova- Ski Jumper Hits Tree

Lock Port- Outrageous Snorers

Malone- Photo-op Bop

Manatup- Rent A Bike Senior

Mittletown- Upside Down Potato Guy

New Hyde Park- Brides Cleavage

New York- Giraffe Jam

Pokipsy- Man With Parachute Flies Using Fan Power

Russell- I Dream Of Cleanie

Smithtown- How Am I Doing

Syracuse- Achy Breaky Paremedics

Watertown- The Sneeze Dog

West Islip- New York New York Baby

North CarolinaEdit

Black Mountain- Thanksgiving Prayer Girl

Burlington- Hell Hound

Fayetteville- Air Strip Johnny

Fayetteville- The Lint Trap

Garner- Slingshot Heard Around The World

Graham- Horn Dog

Kannapolis- Cockatwo Step

Rolly- Puppy Pants

Stanford- Backflip Hamsters


Tulsa- Upside Down Soldier

Zapopan- The Young Director


Amelia- Mowdown

Belfast- Senior Sinker

Berea- Tie Poodle Skirt Kid

Dating- Wedding Funny Face Boy

Dublin- Senior Fakeout

Geneva- Hen House Surprise

Kettering- Camcorder Argument

Lipstick- Dog and Pony Show

Maineville- Beauty Contest Surprise

Mittlestown- Garage Door Dove

Mason- Moby Dorks

Rock Creek- Baby Player Loses Pants

Russelspoint- The Stiff Sleeper

Youngstown- Bride Carries Groom


Cambridge- Dance Floor Young Lovers

Cambridge- Face Off

Peterborough- Little Girl Picks Up Fish In River

Pomers Town- Kickin' It In The Crib

Waterfront- Hairspray Club For Men

Wheatley- Chicken Coop Antics


Brookings- Annoyed Graduation Speaker

Glastone- Guard Dog Training

Lebanon- Horse Girl Meets Chicken Boy

Lebanon- Sunglasses Tail-Cocker Espaniel

New Grande- Three Kids Sled Into The House

Portland- Baby Food Critic

Portland- I Nancy, Hi Nancy

Portland- Woman Overboard

Scatfuse- Greeting Slip

Springfield- Barking Flower


Chestersprings- Tiny Tinkler

Harrisburg- Mystery Kisser

Holland- Bear Singer Critic

John's Town- I Don't Wanna Sing

Knox- Broom Tripper

Mounting Top- Christmas 1978 Revisted

Pittsburgh- Baby Drummer

Pittsburgh- Get Down Soldiers

Pittsburgh- Honey I Blew Up The Dog

Pittsburgh- Slip Sliding Away

Philadelphia- Baby Who Says I Love You

Philadelphia- The Science Experiment

Philadelphia- Who'll Stop The Rainman

Rivertown- Praying For A Bathroom

Roseville- Granny Who Snoozes

Sellersville- Gorilla Suit Wedding Proposal

Springfield- Pocket Performance

Uniontown- Monster Munchie

Westford- I've Been Bad


Unknown- Bear Fish Thief


Moose Jaw- Baby Shower

South CarolinaEdit

Lexington- The Quad Squad

Spartanville- Four Armed Guitarist

South DakotaEdit

Bookings- Thoughtless Groom

Rapid City- Demolition Dog


Harrison- Don't Sing Birthday Boy

Jackson- Bird Dive Bombs Cat

Memphis- Save Your Applause

Oliver Springs- Grandma Drops Gelatin


Amirillo- Fence Dog

El Passo- Harmonica Nose Tune

Ennis- Multiple Fumble

Garland- The Amazing River Raft Ride

Gunter- Crazy Cat

Hillsborough- Bye Bye Birdie

Houston- Foot Odor Baby

Houston- Ice Cube Girl

Houston- The Old Magic Hack

Lufton- No Headroom

McGregor- Dancing Flower Baby

Midland- Snake Charmer Dad

Missouri City- Boy Screams His ABC's

Odesa- Pet Peeve

Portworth- Officer Down

Quinnland- Man's Best Friend

Round Rock- Lady Who Get's Pushed In

Spring- Football Crash Through

St. Angelo- Baby Loves Headrub

Unknown- Backyard Football Game

Unknown- Oh Deer!


Draper- Puppyfoot Peddle

Jordan- Shipwrecked Sailor

Springfield- The Chair Man


Barnett- Man Plays With Icicle 


Centerville- Guard Who Falls Down

Chester Creek- Bowling Boy

Martinsville- Wrong Way Hanglider

Richmond- All Light Cat

Richmond- Late Night At The Video Store

Staunton- Goose Gorilla


Bainbridge Island- Teed Off

Boofle- Flying Sleigh Trouble

Edmons- Kiss Request

Marrisville- Dinner Is Served

Mount Vernon- I Hate Dinosaurs

Raymond- Girl Beats Pinata

Seacliff- Dog Soap Spray

Seattle- Breakfast Bonfire

Seattle- Love Birds

Stuff Homage- Loose A Bagel

Tacoma- Lid Spinner

Vancouver- Lid Lift Surprise

Wilson Creek- Rim Roller

West VirginiaEdit

Beckley- Rodent Reckroom


Addington- Little Drummer Cat

Bankcroft- Bark Seat Driver

Evansville- Silo Crash

Farmer- The Invisible Doggy Door

Milwaukee- Dueling Pizzas

Milwaukee- The Groomsmen Kisser

Muckwonago- Santa's Breath

Oak Creek- Squirrely Boyfriend

Olympia- Baby Water Slide

South Milwaukee- Boy Hates Birthdays


Westin- Backroad Backflip