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America's Funniest Home Videos Season 4 aired from September 20, 1992 to May 16, 1993.

Clips Appearing In Tom Bergeron EraEdit

Season 4 Episode 3[1][2][3][4][5][6](s12)[7](s11)

Season 4 Episode 5[8][9][10](s12)[11](s11)[12]

Season 4 Episode 20[13][14][15] (s11)[16] [17]


Season 4 episode 1

Handstand Goat, Godzilla Cat, Video Game Wizard Kid

Season 4 episode 3

Puppyfoot Pedal, Lincoln's Bad Day & Crossed Eyed Tubber

Season 4 episode 4

Duck Treadmill, Metal Head Pecker & Time Out Please

Season 4 episode 5

One Stick, Four Dogs, Funnel Kids, & Ski Dock Jerk

Season 4 episode 6

Orange Juice Mess, Baby Sleeper, Doorway Demon

Season 4 episode 8

Bolivian Music Baby, Brother Background, 5 Year Old Abe Lincoln

Season 4 Episode 9

Football Player "Touchdown", Nun Strikes Out, 1 Kayak, No Guys

Season 4 episode 10

Tot Vacuum Ride, Refrigerator Surprise Boy, & Achy Breaky Paramedics

Season 4 Episode 11

Rock and Roll Bride, Hairspray Club For Men, Powder Mess Boy

Season 4 Episode 12

I Saw Santa, Santa's Wet Sleigh, Excited Contest Winner

Season 4 Episode 13

Sneeze Icing, ??????, A Clown With Rhythm

Season 4 Episode 14

Little Man Haircut, Military Practical Joke, Puppy's Tickling Tail

Season 4 Episode 15

Hermit Crab Scares Sunbather [18], Man Can't Jump Over Hurdles, Raccoon Water Harp

Season 4 episode 16

Public Dry Out Surprise, ??????, Sneaky Candle Blower

Season 4 episode 20

Christmas Bra, Golf Pro Jr., & Late Night at the Video Store

Season 4 episode 21

Butt Baby With Towel, I Nancy Hi Nancy, Your Zipper's Open

Season 4 episode 24

World's Worst Haircut, Grumble Cat, Traveling Trash Can



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