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America's Funniest Home Videos Season 7 aired from September 17, 1995 to May 19, 1996.


Season 7 episode 3

Don't Sing Birthday Boy, Grandma Drops Gelatin, Noisemaker Father & Son

Season 7 episode 6

??????, The Sneeze Dog, "I Love My Sister"

Season 7 episode 7

"Is Home Videos On?", The String Tail Cat, Little Dog Pees on Big Dog

Season 7 episode 9

Dog Licks Chin Puppet, Goose In Car, Girl Says "I Love You Mom"

Season 7 episode 10

Mom Falls Into Kiddie Pool, The Surveillance Camera, Cat Says "No"

Season 7 episode 11

Dog Interrupts Christmas Song, Guard Dog Training, "I've Been Bad"

Season 7 episode 15

Tom Selleck Punch, Bride's Maid Mocker, Excited Candle Blower

Season 7 episode 18

Women Overboard, Annoyed Graduation Speaker, The Chair Man

Season 7 episode 19

Baby Loves Head Rub, Dueling Pizzas, Frozen Ice Cream Lips



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